Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Internet Marketing?

BGM >> Tonight by Sixpence None The Richer

I want to earn some cash from the internet!

That's it.

My current obsession *distraction*

Actually have been interested for quite a long time, I even bought a book about it and left my old blog to start writing a new blog in English (even though my English is .. yeah, so-so lah if you don't call it bad).

Still need to learn more (both English and internet marketing)
Hope anyone *esp. those who already enjoy the happiness of having $ transferred to their account* can share tips and experience to help a novice like me.

Meanwhile, gotta read how-to-blog e-books I downloaded.
So far only earn around Rp. 1,350 something from here *see the ad box under AFFILIATES in my side bar* and $ 2.32 from here.

Yeaah, I'm working on it.

Wish me luck!