Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tokio Hotel

BGM >> Durch Den Monsun by Tokio Hotel

Don't feel like blogging now, but somehow I feel guilty if I don't post anything

Currently is into Tokio Hotel hehehe
Maybe it's a bit late for me hahaha I didn't know they're pretty popular
I never heard anything about this band 'till a friend of mine shown me their video "Schrei".
First time I saw it my first thought was "Are they into Vis-Kei or something?" *guessing from their band's name, first thing that came to my mind was they're prolly some European fans performing Diru or other vis-kei rock bands

First scene - and I thought all the members were boys, but then when the vocalist started singing I was like "Oh, it's a giiirrl!"
Don't think Schrei is my fave both the track and the music video so I listened their other songs and particularly LOVE this one song (Durch Den Monsun! Love all versions! ) then I started googling to find out more about them

Wikipedia entry - Tokio Hotel

Categorized as "kinda" emo .. hmm .. *not a big fan of emo stuffs
But .. well, don't really care anyway as long as I enjoy it hehehe
And they ARE all BOYS, INDEED *My first impression was right!

And btw, don't you think the vocalist, Bill Kaulitz a bit look like Hyde?
Well hehehe prolly just the make up

Bill Kaulitz (Tokio Hotel)


[credits: here and here]

Tokio Hotel - Monsoon [MV]



Saturday, April 18, 2009

Finally Connected!

BGM >> Insomnia by Wheesung

Had real bad connection last few days , it took AGES to load, occasionally got disconnected and finally it STOPPED connecting
My sis then dialed the so-called-24 hour-call center OVER and OVER again and when she *finally* heard real human's voice she went ranting about it .
Unstoppable .. well .. there you go ..

Meanwhile some random pics and random stories for now

This was what happened to me when I was in office, chatting with Uwie, when suddenly ..

No big deal

I always bring other shoes with me
mainly because I dress, make up, and have my breakfast in car
so I have all my stuff there

My only worry is whether I'm getting fatter and heavier
'till reach the point that
the heel no longer can support my weight

Another shocking moment:

In the morning, around 6:00 AM and I was in my bed when I heard my dad screamed "Eeeeeeeek GOSH IT RAN AWAY IT RAN AWAY WHERE IS IT WHEREE" then THWACK.THWACK.THWACK again.

And the poor thing was ..


It's not as big as it looks in the pic (but it was as gross ), for comparison the tile is 40 x 40 cm.
My dad saw it pathetically crawling in the kitchen, too bad it was not quick enough so its life ended in my dad's hand
Spent the rest of the day wondering where and how the heck it's coming from

Btw, has anyone seen this?

Korean version of Craig David's
Insomnia by Wheesung (휘성).
. Go check.


Bye now!