Saturday, February 28, 2009

Home Alone

BGM >> Moonlight Punch Romance by Nell

I woke up this morning (actually it's almost 11:00 AM) and no one's at home .
Made myself a cup of coffee and had half pack of chocolate biscuit

Yesterday my boss told me that she has found her calculator. It was in her bag

That's a bit weird.

She'd looked for it for almost 2,5 weeks. She thought she left it in her car or somewhere. Last thing she remembered was that she changed her bag and moved all her stuffs. I said that maybe she accidentally left the calculator in her other bag.

"No way", she said. "I always sorting my stuffs, even a tiniest piece of paper every time I changed my bag, so it's impossible I missed the calculator" (note: it's a biiiiig calculator).
She also checked her other bags . But she still can't find it.

It's her fave calculator , not expensive nor sophisticated but she had it for years, and still using it even though it has scratches and 1 digit was missing - it always confuse me every time I use it.

Finally after 2 weeks she gave up and bought 2 new calculators

And yesterday she found it. In her bag . In her own home .

What makes she thinks it's creepy is that she remembered herself borrowing something quietly and returning it back quietly.

It was about week ago when she had to go out of town for business trip. She was at lobby, waiting for her driver when suddenly she remembered that she had no tissue in her car . So she rushed in to the toilet and took the whole roll of tissue and said to herself "I borrow the tissue yaaa" since no one's there. She didn't bother to find the janitor.

After she got back to town, she remembered the tissue was still in her car (apparently she didn't use the tissue at all) so she returned it back to the toilet.

Maybe the same thing happened to her calculator?
It was inside her bag, in its usual position, between her wallet and her agenda

Oh, and no longer have 1 digit missing.
Probably someone kindly replaced the battery.

Now it's pic timeeeeeeeeee
All about where I spend my 8 hours day time hehehe

The door of the sacred chamber
Girls only!
Just kidding

Look at the calendar - I have to browse tons of page
just to find out what day April 2 is

ITB map
I'm bad at reading map. I'd better ask someone to show me the way
Btw, my colleague said it looks like a sirloin steak

My fave spot in ITB
Located between School of Pharmacy and Faculty of Technology Industry
Looks better in sunny day

Displaying database of ITB's lecturers and staffs
Sometimes I find someone I know
like .. my junior high classmate's dad?

Back to office
A bit dark .. it's raining here every afternoon

The view from my window
We're on 6th floor

Just got back from ITB and stopped by a resto near the office to buy lunch
Put all the stuffs on desk, changed my shoes to comfy plastic sandal
then rushed to the toilet

Taken last week
I just had my lunch and *still* very hungry
So I went down to a canteen in basement and bought this
cappuccino-flavored seaweed drink, mango juice, and err.. some side dishes

And finally
the glutton herself