Wednesday, February 25, 2009


BGM >> Maybe by The Brainstorm

  • Not in a good mood since I had to stay at office till 08:45 PM, doing nothing but waiting ..
  • Had a pretty weird, bizarre, and awkward conversation (kept repeating WTF WTF WTF in my mind ) ..
  • Online and found out an unpleasant fact (make me wanna scream: "B*****************CH")

Please forgive all the cursing

  • Made mistakes at work (AGAIN *sigh such a clumsy and unreliable person recently) ..
  • Unnecessary intvw (veryy sneakyy, thx for wasting my time ) ..
  • Annoying conversation (again, very typical, am pretty used to it *hate the fact, too bad I'm NOT IN THE MOOD of tolerance tonight)

Okay ..
This is horrible
All these Me VS The World thingy
Better stop now before I start wearing black and let my fringe covers my face hehehehe

I guess it's just PMS *sigh


Couple days ago my colleague told me that she and her cousins went to karaoke
last week and they took pictures

And when they saw this one picture they're all like "Gyaaaaaaaaa OMG

Then she showed me the picture ..

And I was like "Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiy

But "Hey .. "

*silence ~
tic toc tic toc ..

Then "No waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

And she burst out laughing

Here's the pic hehehehe

First time I see this pic in her cellphone I thought "the ghost" was facing the camera and posing "Peace~" too hahahaha

Then I noticed that it was a girl from behind .. with long hair and white shirt (Okay, that sounds creepy
, typical Asian ghost )

And her explanation that it was a girl outside (REAL girl, and ALIVE
) waiting at the lobby ..