Wednesday, March 4, 2009

*Sigh ..

BGM >> Unbelievable by Craig David


Yeaaaah .. that's all I did today (and yesterday) *sigh
Not in a good mood recently
Mood swing
And lack of motivation


Don't know what's wrong with me
Raised salary
Got new partner to help at work
But still ..
Got upset for stupid things that I shouldn't be bothered of
This is annoying
Make me think of myself such an ungrateful person
Well I'm not
I'm grateful for every bless I have


I hope it's just PMS


The weather is so freakin' hot todaaaay
Not good

I went to ITB
Walked around with high heels, sweatin', and hurt my feet
Not good

There's some kinda bazaar in ITB for celebrating ITB's Golden Anniversary
Loads of good stuffs

Too busy with work ('cos I have to get back at office before lunch) so didn't have a chance to look around, shopping, or at least take a single pic
Not good


Sorry for such a negative post

I'll update when I feel better