Saturday, March 14, 2009


BGM >> Sorry Sorry by Super Junior

I haven't showered since Thursday hahahaha


Well, anyway *change the subject hehehehe it's been a busy week and I dunno where to start, hopefully some pics can help me memorize things hehehe

March 5, 2009

Raining cats and dogs .. brrrrrr .. so cold

Pics taken @ office , around 3 0r 4 PM

Actually my boss's supposed to go out that day to meet clients, but when she went to lobby the security told her to go back upstairs, no one's allowed to pass the lobby that day
It's almost like a typhoon actually

March 6, 2009

Unbelievably sunny day

It was Friday and we dine out @ Pizza Hut (again)
Actually I prefer Yami-Yami Noodles to Pizza Hut that day
Just want some variation

Besides, I was on diet, it'd hurt me to not able to order pizza
Too bad for me, somehow finally we went to Pizza Hut, and as I expected I can only eat salad, pasta (I insisted to have at least lil carb to please myself *what kind of diet is this), and lemon tea (soda's big no no)

My salad, large serving
Tried hard to make myself full just by veggie
(Though I shouldn't add toppings that much)

Oriental chicken pasta, also large serving
They said small serving is not available for this menu
I didn't want to change to other pasta available in small serving 'cos
this is the only pasta that don't have creamy and milky stuff in it

March 7, 2009

Went to Jakarta to attend my cousin's wedding

Just got my hair done and make-up
Not really pleased w/ the result though

Together w/ my sis

w/ my sis and cousins

w/ the bride, the groom & the whole fam

Spent about 7 hours to get back to Bandung (normally it take only 2 -2,5 hours ) 'cos we trapped in the most frustrating traffic jam I've ever had

March 8, 2009

Dine out w/ my fam, my aunt & cousin at Ny. Rumah
Nice place
, we went there to celebrate my birthday last January. It located right behind my office building and I often buy some cakes there during lunch
But the main reason why we (actually it was my mom) chose that place was the fish.

Yes, the fish

My mom has this new interest toward fish and plants, before she's never that interested to any living creatures

Took a pic before left home

Beautiful, isn't it?

Here's the celebrities - all eyes on them

Rest of the week

Sorry, can't remember the detail

Got foot massage in Sunday or Monday

Shopping (Yay!)

Training at office 'till Friday

Today I supposed to go karaoke w/ my colleagues, but due to unfriendly weather it was cancelled .. hmm .. well, maybe next time

The only thing I need at this moment is some sleep



shifu said...

BUkannya lg ngurangin porsi makan lo ya Nanda? Btw, you didn't look that bad with the make up.