Friday, April 10, 2009

Where Do I Start Where Do I Start

BGM >> Gee by Girls Generation

It's been centuries since my last post
Too many things happened I don't even know where to start

Lucky I have pics
1 pic tells 1,000 words teehee

April 9, 2009 - Election day

Till 3-4 days ago I didn't intend to vote even though my friend said that the papers used in election worth Rp 15,000 so it such a waste not to vote. I don't really care, I thought even if I don't vote the papers already printed so it's already wasted though . Then I watched the news and the anchor said even if you don't want to vote at least come and mark your paper, if not your paper can be used by third party for their political interest.
Dirtyyyyyy gameeeeeeee

Anyway, finally I woke up early and vote
Met my neighbors too after so long
hehehe they're so excited to vote
They said the ink used in your pinky after voting won't disappear for 3 days, but the person in charge allowed me to dip my finger myself, so I did it veeeeeryyyyyy carefully so the ink didn't touch my nail. Now it disappeared already. Yay!

Then I went home and found my bro and his friends playing guitars at home. They're playing various songs by DEPAPEPE , veryyy cool (by playing I mean my bro's friends, my bro was too busy taping them hahahaha)

Next, cam whoring with my sis in the evening

April 1, 2009 - April Fool

Super bad day , hoping that shitty things happened (and about to happen) were just a lame joke, unfortunately it's for real

Too gloomy to be in the crowd so decided to have lunch alone
and I had THIS
Delicious! Felt better in an instant!

March 27, 2009 - Went swimming after work

Haha no pics in swimsuits here (too bad 'cos Dale was wearing her new 2-pieces swimsuit!)
It was night, it was cold, and I kept shivering and sneezing, so pics were taken after all of us had showered .

Wet hair, no makeup, but we're enjoying ourselves!!

March 21-22, 2009 - Jakarta Trip

Went there to visit a friend, but before we had fun first!

Watching my friend, Susi, played hockey @Gelora Bung Karno
Her team lost 1-0, though

Me, RC, and Dale @Kemang
Just the 3 of us because
Susi abandoned us and went partying with her teammates after match
(Hell yeah, she's partying even when she lost)

So we decided to have our little party too!!
And it was grrrreeeeeeaaat!!

@hotel, around 01:00 AM

We purposely arrived @hotel late,
hoping that Susi'd arrived before us and waiting in the room, alone
But she's still partying Damn
Our clothes and bags were with her so we slept without changing
About 1 hour later she quietly arrived ..
(Aaaarrrgh I should've told her wrong room number when she called that night)
Next morning I found her sleeping on the floor mwahahaha
Did Dale kick her off the bed mwahahaha

The culprit

We had THESE @FX before back to Bandung

But I was too anxious to enjoy it
because it's already 08:45 PM and we're still in Jakarta
while I had to work the next morning at 08:00 AM

However, my pals all looked relaxed and said:
"It only take 2 hours to get back to Bandung, we still have more than 10 hours, riight"
How about my beautyyyyyyyyyy sleeeeeeeeeep
They KNOW I can't sleep in any moving vehicles

Maybe if I kiss her we can go home now??
mhahahahahaha XD~
Btw, she's in luurrvveee with that fake tiara, so did Susi
They even play dare to wear it and say "I am a Princess" to the cashier when paying

March 15, 2009 - Get my hair cut

I really can't stand long(er) hair, indeed



That's all for now
Need to edit pics from yesterday

Happy Easter everyone


NezZ said...

oohh...........jadi itu foto2 cosplay na teh ???
ada yg laen ga? masa cmn 3 doang sih

NezZ said...

btw, kertas suara seharga 15rb?
makin mirip aja ama kalender........(- -)'