Sunday, April 12, 2009

Elementary School Reunion

BGM >> Heaven by Big Bang

When we were younger..

[credit: thx to Dikdik!!

Yesterday I met up with some of my elementary school's classmates

The agenda was movie , karaoke , and dinner
It was supeer fun!! It's been sooooo long since our last meeting
Though Aulia arrived late *veryyyyyy lateeeeee and the traffic was almost unbearable but somehow we managed to queue and get the tickets. Lucky!
But the seats ..
*sigh ..

It's 1st and 2nd row in front
Made me dizzy but even when I was dizzy, I fully aware that Vin Diesel is HOT! mwahahaha

We watched Fast & Furious 4 yesterday

Supeeeeeer cooooool

[credit: here]

After movie, moving to karaoke straight away!
Singin' for 3 hours, everyone's so excited!
Dikdik, Ryo, Adrian, and Eriesna sang veeeeery well!!!

We are NOW .. less cuter but still adorable hahaha

[credit: thx to Aulia!! ]

It's around 10:30 PM when we finished, all of us were starving to death but most restaurants at the mall were already closed so next destination >> Cilaki!!

Had seafood in Cilaki
, niceeeeee
I couldn't eat much though, 'cos it was already waaaaaaaay past my meal time *I starved my self since 02:00 PM and FINALLY can have REAL meal (cassava chips, lemon tea, candies, and french fries not included ) around midnite ..
Hohoho I still can't believe I can mantain my mood well that night , but hey, the atmosphere was great and everyone's had a real good time last night, including me teehee

Very happy to hang around with them again
, and the cutest part is two of my classmates named Chui and Susan are engaged With each other Isn't that sweet
They started dating
after our first reunion couple months ago, and now they're getting married Hopefully around October I'm so happy for both of them

I can't upload any pics now since all pics are in my friends' cameras , so I guess I'll upload later after they post 'em in Facebook .

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