Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tokio Hotel

BGM >> Durch Den Monsun by Tokio Hotel

Don't feel like blogging now, but somehow I feel guilty if I don't post anything

Currently is into Tokio Hotel hehehe
Maybe it's a bit late for me hahaha I didn't know they're pretty popular
I never heard anything about this band 'till a friend of mine shown me their video "Schrei".
First time I saw it my first thought was "Are they into Vis-Kei or something?" *guessing from their band's name, first thing that came to my mind was they're prolly some European fans performing Diru or other vis-kei rock bands

First scene - and I thought all the members were boys, but then when the vocalist started singing I was like "Oh, it's a giiirrl!"
Don't think Schrei is my fave both the track and the music video so I listened their other songs and particularly LOVE this one song (Durch Den Monsun! Love all versions! ) then I started googling to find out more about them

Wikipedia entry - Tokio Hotel

Categorized as "kinda" emo .. hmm .. *not a big fan of emo stuffs
But .. well, don't really care anyway as long as I enjoy it hehehe
And they ARE all BOYS, INDEED *My first impression was right!

And btw, don't you think the vocalist, Bill Kaulitz a bit look like Hyde?
Well hehehe prolly just the make up

Bill Kaulitz (Tokio Hotel)


[credits: here and here]

Tokio Hotel - Monsoon [MV]